We acyually left NORVA at 8:00 AM, July 6, 1956.  My new email is hecarlberg@comcast.net

Last week Bill and I received an email from Monaco requesting information of when the USS Pompon visited that country.  As Bill was not on that cruise, we forwarded that request to some members of the USS Pompon that Bill thought might have served at that time.    We received  a number of responses from crew members.  I found them to be quite interesting and have decided to forward them to all of you. i am also forwarding the original request, photos, and replies from Monaco.  If you want to share responses or other memories with the whole group, hit 'reply to all'.

I also have a request.  If you know of any new email addresses that should be added to the list, I would appreciate you letting me know.  Thanks.

Judy Davy 
(Bill's secretary)

Begin forwarded message:

On Sep 15, 2009, at 5:22 AM, Sylvie Primard wrote:

Dear sir,
 I have found your contact on the web site www.submarinesailor.com/reunion/reunion.asp <http://www.submarinesailor.com/reunion/reunion.asp>   as I was looking on the Internet to find urgently information on the presence of the USS Pompon SS 267 and the USS Becuna SS 319 in the Principality of Monaco’s water in the 50’.
 I am presently trying to establish with precision the date of the two submarines visit to Monte-Carlo as well as the circumstances of this visit.
 I would be most obliged if you could help me in anyway to answer these few questions:
 - When did USS pompon SS 267 and USS Becuna SS 319 arrived in Monaco’s Port Hercule?
 - When did they leave?
 - Was this on a special occasion such as for the celebration of the wedding of Grace Kelly with the Prince Rainier in 1956 or matbe the birth of Princess Caroline in 1957?
 Thank you in advance for your kind attention,
 With best regards,
 Sylvie Primard
Responsable des Ressources Documentaires
Archives Audiovisuelles de la Principauté de Monaco
 4, avenue Hector Otto
 Tel. 00 377 97 98 43 26

From: Sylvie Primard <sp@films-archive.mc>
Subject: Re: Urgent inquiries about USS Pompon SS 267 et USS Becuna SS 319

Dear Bill Davy,

Thank you very much for your swift answer. I really appreciate your help. 

I am sending you 4 images extracted from our archived footage. 
The quality is poor but maybe still helpful to recognised one of the crew member.

Do you think you could pass them along to your contacts?

Thank you again for your kind assistance.

Best regards,

Sylvie Primard
Responsable des Ressources Documentaires

Archives Audiovisuelles de la Principauté de Monaco
4, avenue Hector Otto
Tel. 00 377 97 98 43 26 


Dear Bill and Judy Davy,

Thank you very much for forwarding these very helpful emails.
I have found there the answer to my urgent questions!

I am very grateful for your support.

With best regards,

Sylvie Primard
Responsable des Ressources Documentaires

Archives Audiovisuelles de la Principauté de Monaco
4, avenue Hector Otto
Tel. 00 377 97 98 43 26 

Hi Judy,


I have a picture of the  267  and 319  in Monaco.  It was in the summer of  1956

because it was my first cruise after coming aboard.  Following is only an estimate and if you get something more definate I'd  love a copy.


I recall we left Norfolk prox mid June.  Took  prox 3 weeks to cross the Atlantic.  We first

stopped at Gibralter for a few days or weekend, not long.  After operations in the Med we stopped at Genoa.  This was a bit longer liberty and for this young salt first time I set foot

on foreign soil.  I thought we were here near a week. Then more Med ops.

    So that would account for about  6 or 7 weeks.  I feel soon after that we would have stopped for about a week in Monaco. My guess we arrived there Aug  1  -  15th prox.

I  knew of no special occasion, especially none at the castle or such invite.  White hats could not enter the Casino, off limits.  And after a day or so the periscope liberty was also ended. ( officers had wives visit n stayed in hotel in town.) Other than walk around Monaco  we'd  bus to Nice, France  or took Alps bus tour.


USS Becuna is now tied up for display in the Deleware river in Phila.


( I think our  3 day Rome liberty was by train from Genoa)


from Richard Welker



Welker has it pined down pretty good, my pictures of the two boats in question has the date of 14 AUG 56 hand written by me on the back. I have a small note book with the whole itinerary of the 56 Med cruise in it, but at this very moment I don't know what I did with it when I recently moved. I read it and packed it for the move, and I still have not unpacked an sorted them all yet. We were not in that port for any special reason. Just a port of call, that I very much enjoyed.


Jim Grady  

I was on the USS POMPON (SSR267) during this Mediterranian cruise.  It had to be during the spring of 1956 or 1957.  I have several photos similiar to the ones attached.  I remember that Onasis had his yacht tied up in this port.  The topside watch looks to be Gus McCall.  I don't remember if there was anything special about our visit.  Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier were already married I thought and we (several of us) visited the Palace and watched the changing of the guards. We docked stern first to the piers and we also visited the Monte Carlo Gambling Casino.  While the grand prix of Monte Carlo was one of their stops back then we did not see any races. I also remember flowers were blooming so it was that time of year. 


Sorry - but that has been over fifty years. 


Bob Bristow, YNCS(SS) USN (Ret)

Hi Judy- Get a message to Bruce Goodman, He made the trip in July of 1956. I had been transferred to the USS Ray just before the USS Pompon left for the Med. about July 15. Don Have you heard from Otis?
From Don Lynch

I remember the Prince's ship was a converted destroyer with a seaplane on the rear deck. Also , the girls would change into their baithing suits behind a towel without beins seen. I think we had a tour of Rome that left from here. A couple of guys had a system for winning at the tables and did win the first night only. We will come up with more stories at the reunion.

Frank Rogers

I remember the port visit well as I am sure Otis Franks and other crewmembers as well. As I recall it was just a regular port visit for us. Not any special occasion. I am unable to identifiy any of the individuals in the pix. They bring back many memories...

John Lookabill

I remember Bristow's details very well. I remember visiting the palace on a tour and going into the chapel where the  Prince and Grace Kelly were married. I  also have a couple their wedding picturess. I forget how I got them. I may have purchased them. We were med-moored in  the  basin with hills all around. on one side was the Palace grounds and on the other side were all the hotels and casinos. Periscope liberty  was great as I recall. The timeframe was late July or early August 1956. We were only there for 3-5 days. J. G. Ward was the CO  and Sam Anders was the XO.

John Lookabill


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