Just got off the phone with Otis, as most of  you know no one had heard from him for a couple years. I am  happy to report that he and Patty are both still alive & doing fairly well. As you know Patty has had  some serious medical problems for several  years. I the past  year or so he has had some serious problems of his own. He has had his Gall Bladder and  a  portion of his pancreas removed and  had complications with that as well and spent a good portion of the last year in a hospital or rehab. They are now living in an assisted living home there in Louisville, and asked that I pass the word that he is doing ok. He still has the same phone number as always, 502 937-8999. His current address is 9251 Stonestreet road, Louisville, KY. 40272 He says he doesn't do much with email any more. So if anyone would like to give  him a call or drop him a line I am sure he would love to hear from you.
Hope everyone is doing well as we are.
Has anyone heard any particulars on the next reunion. The only information I have heard is that John Murphy is suppose to be the host at Cape Cod sometime next Fall.
Have a happy holiday season
John Lookabill