You will notice some changes since leaving AOL.  First we have our own domain  It is my gift to the group.  Second, I wish I was better at computers and could figure out a way to let each of you post as you wanted to (maybe I can get a tech geek from work to help me)  but for now as you send me e-mails I will copy and post to the "notes from you"  that way you all can see.  Third --this is a big one... those of you that happen across the website, please e-mail me so I can make sure I have your current address and e-mail.  This will help Murphy as he gets ready for the next reunion.  Hope you all enjoy the site... I may be slow in getting the information you send updated... but it will get done.  Hope everyone is well and having a great 2009 (and I hope those of you in the NE have survived the ice and snow with limited problems)