My name is Floyd " Keith " Tyree I served on the Pompon from 1954-1958 went from ENFN to EN-2 (SS) , the last few months I was transfered to the USS Ray SSR 271 and put her out of commission at Charleston  SC. I was mainly in the auxilary gang. I was very happy to run into a old submariner that told me about the web page  Decklog so went there and have since talked to Jim Grady and found out about this web page so here I am. After getting out of USN used the G I Bill to learn to fly and have been doing cropdusting and spraying or as we like to call it aerial application almost every since and still doing it with a little time off for a quadruple bypass, I have also owned and operated several differant businesses along the way including a snow ski shop on wolf creek pass in southern Colorado, and buying and selling airplanes.  would enjoy hearing from any old shipmates, and would really like to hear from John A.L. Pixley ENC or Angelo DeSoto jr. I live in South East Colorado at Wiley Co