Thanks so much for the update, and thanks to those of you who made this event possible.
     My wife and I really wanted to make this 2010 Pompon reunion but as Murphy's law would have it we were unable to attend. Instead we had to fly out to Spokane, Washington for my wife's mother, Lillian White's funeral. It always is a sad occasion to lay some one to rest especially a love one. She is resting now without suffering and pain until her maker comes for her.
     I had always told my family when were on active duty to plan for the big event even though sometimes we have to change our plans at the last minute. Most of the time we made the big event but you know Murphy's law, "who ever that guy is" interferes with our plans. 
     Again, I wish we could have been there at the reunion but their will be another time to catch up! If you are heading by our way, we would love you to meet and chat for a while.Call us!
     I will give you an update on this old chief later!
Bobby Boles