After Bob died, I went for a physical check-up and when the blood labs came back, they indicated that there was high protein in the blood. Ad five more labs said the same thing.  My doctor recommended that I see an oncologist. So, I have and the only thing they can come up with is smoldering Multiple Myeloma.  There are no other symptoms. Went to Mayo Clinic and the doctor I saw agreed with my doctor.Full blown MM is 3-7 yrs terminal.  My doctor said because of my good health he sees maybe 5 yrs. before I need treatment ,if ever. (chemo) Predicting another 10 yrs at least.  So I told him that would make me 87--not looking for miracles.
So,  I am planning to move in with Bob.   He will have 2-3 empty bedrooms soon, so I can help out with the education costs, after I sell my home here. I am not incapacitated in any way so far, so hopefully I can help.
Please keep me in your prayers and I will let you know what happens.
I love all of you.  You mean a great deal to me.