Lt. Edward R. Crawfoot, US Navy, Retired, 95 passed away on March 18,2015.  Click on Eternal Patrol Notices in the left column to view his obituary.

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                    2015 USS Pompon Reunion

                 October 29 - November 1, 2015

                         Nashville, Tennessee  

           Guesthouse Inn & Suites Music Valley

                       2420 Music Valley Dr.

                 $98.16 a night (includes taxes)

    (615) 885-4030  Limited number of handicap rooms 

Thursday, October 29th - arrive, meet and greet in hospitality room 

Friday, October 30th - day on your own, Grand Ole Opry in the evening

Saturday, October 31st - day on your own, Dinner Show at  Nashville Nightlife Theater.  This will be our banquet.  After dinner we will return to the Hospitality Suite for our business meeting.

Let's make this a great reunion.  Invite your family to come along to meet your shipmates and to visit Nashville.

If you would like to purchase T-shirts or caps, please email Bill Davy at  If there is sufficient interest an order will be placed 

Host and Hostess:  John and Bonnie Murphy  Committee:  John Lookabill and Judy Highburger, Diane O'Connor, Tony and Nancy Marquitz, Judy Davy

Rick Campbell our 2014 Reunion banquet guest speaker is donating a signed copy of his new book "Empire Rising",  a sequel to "Trident Deception", for our 2015 reunion.

 Following is his bio from Amazon. com

RICK CAMPBELL, a retired Navy Commander, spent more than twenty-five years in the Navy on multiple submarine tours, finishing his career with tours with the Naval Operations staff in the Pentagon and in the Washington Navy Yard. On his last tour, he was one of the two men whose permission is required to launch the submarine's nuclear warhead-tipped missiles. Rick lives with his wife and three children in the greater Washington D.C. area.

 IMPORTANT!  If we do not have your current address or email please contact Judy Davy  (248) 689-6369 or

               Check out John Ryder's website! 


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Click on "Reunion Information"  for 2010 reunion photo and a link to John Lookabill's photo album


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info about SubCon Six Smoke Boat Sisters (SSSBS)Reunion

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Paul J. Skahan obituary 

Jack F. Renfrow died June 5, 2009

See 'Notes from you' for email from Helen Kircher

Stanley K. Nicholls LCDR died 2/29/08. See 'Notes from you' for Stanley's obituary.

Glenn Clinefelter FT2 (SS) died May 21, 2010. See 'Notes from you'  for Glenn's obituary.

See 'Notes from you' for a George Smith story


This patch serves as a physical reminder to the U.S. Submarine Command Structure that ex-submariners still care about our active duty shipmates.  The band-aid signifies that the problem is still not solved; it only has a patch on it.  It is a reminder that there is a real possibility for another disastrous submarine grounding.

28 Boat Reunion 28 Boat Reunion
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