Following is the list of those who have sent in their reservation for the reunion:

Jim Grady & Robin Krum                                              Charlie (Wingnut) and Louise                                           Jack & Jan Hartigan                                                        Ken & Jan Johnson and three guests, Beth, Michael & Sherrine Davis, and Beth Carpenter                                    Fr Aaron Peters                                                              John & Paige Ryder and Ann Ryder                                                Dick & Frank Welker and guests                                     Emilio & Carol Prencipe                                                  John & Bonnie Murphy                                                      Bill & Judy Davy

If you haven't already done so, get your reservations in.  The deadline for the special rate at the hotel is September 12th.

The plans are all in place for the 2016 Pompon Reunion.

Dick Welker has already made his hotel reservations. And he says, “SO, MATE'EEES,  LETS COME ABOARD  REAL SOON.   THIS IS GONNA BE A GOOD ONE…"

Below is the Registration Form. Even though there isn’t any money to be sent in, please mail in your registration form. That will help the Committee plan for name badges, welcome envelopes, food, and beverages for the hospitality suite. The success of last year’s raffle made enough money that we don’t have to charge a registration fee this year. Please consider bringing an item or two for this year’s raffle.

If you change your email address, please send it to Judy Davy at  

See you at Virginia Beach!

The committee:  John and Bonnie Murphy, Dick Welker, Bill and Judy Davy

Bill Davy wrote up the following: Several years ago, Emilio Prencipe, with the help of the Washington Post, "persuaded" the City of Alexandria to place a plaque alongside the USS Pompon propellor that is located along the Potomac River near the old Torpedo Factory.  The USS Largarto ( SS371), a submarine built in Manitowoc, WI shipyards, like the Pompon, had been lost during WW II.  Fishermen's nets were hanging up on a bottom obstruction.  Upon investigating, a submarine was discovered and it was believed to be the Largarto.  Prior to determining if the submarine was the Largarto, two divers visited the Pompon propellor to see where the nomenclature was located on the hub of the propellor.  With this knowledge, they were able to confirm that the submarine was the Largarto.

        USS Pompon Reunion - Virginia Beach, Virginia 

            October 13-16, 2016   

      Comfort Suites Beachfront                                 

        2321 Atlantic Avenue                                           Virginia Beach, VA 23451                                                 (757) 491-2400

Room rate is $113.86 a night (includes hot breakfast and taxes) Mention Pompon Reunion to get the rate.  Rate is good 3 days prior to and 3 days after reunion.  Cut off date for discounted room rate is September 12, 2016.

Thursday, October 13th - arrive, meet and greet in Hospitality Room. 

Friday, October 14th - day on your own. Group dinner (in lieu of a banquet) will be 6:30pm at Lynnhaven Fish House; order off menu and separate checks. Car pool can be arranged.

Saturday, October 15th - day on your own. Evening dinner on your own. Meet in Hospitality Room at 7:00 pm for raffle and business meeting. Our raffle last year was a big success and brought in several hundred dollars for our treasury.  We would like to continue this activity; please bring an item or two if possible.

                           REGISTRATION FORM



E-mail_____________________________ Phone________________________

How would you like your and your spouse’s/guest’s names to be on Name Badges

1_____________________________                       2_____________________________ 3____________________________                         4____________________________

Mail registration form by September 15, 2016. Please note there is no registration fee this year.

                                      Questions: email or call: 

John and Bonnie Murphy                                        6 Shanley Way                                                                                  Buzzards Bay, MA 02532                                                                   (508) 759-7975

Summary of the 2015 USS Pompon Reunion inNashville - submitted by Bill Davy

Wow! What a great reunion. John Lookabill and Judy Highberger did an outstanding job in selecting excellent accommodations near several restaurants and the Opryland Hotel within walking distance. For daytime activities, many used the shuttle service to downtown Nashville. The primary section is a two block stretch on Broadway. In a way, its a modern day version of East Main Street in Norfolk with one bar after another. They want you to come in for a beer, but the big attraction is the country wannabe singers. Roberts Traditional Country was one of the favorite places of entertainment. The “lady in the red dress” Eileen Rose of “Boston” with the Silver Threads and Mike Oldham of the Tone Rangers were especially good. Besides Broadway, there were several museums such as Johnny Cash, The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium. Not enough time to see all the attractions. But for the 50 plus number of people attending the reunion, one of the highlights was the Grand Ole Opry Theater on Friday evening. A bus shuttled all of us from the hotel to the theater and back to the hotel after the program. Not once, but twice the Pompon was recognized by the MC. The second time, he gave a very brief history of the Pompon and its accomplishments. Now mind you, the Grand Ole Opry program is on live radio WSM 650 AM “world wide” every Friday evening for two hours. Such a fine tribute to the men of the Pompon. We sat through a few commercials, but sandwiched in between was the entertainment for the evening; the Wilson Family, Ricky Skaggs, Chris Jensen, Brad Paisley, Connie Smith, Charlie Daniels, the Gatlin brothers, and Jeannie Seeley. The next morning in the hotel lobby was Joan Dobson’s friend and high school classmate, Tom Young. He was visiting the area since he likes to play and sing country. She did not know he was going to be in our hotel. He sang for about a half hour in the hotel lobby for quite a few listeners. No charges or tips. On Saturday evening, we all gathered at the Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theater, again within walking distance. After the meal, the Pompon was recognized by the management. John Murphy was invited to speak about the Pompon and he made an excellent statement. Of course here as well as at the Opry, the people stood and clapped their hands in gratitude. The entertainment (remember this is country music} followed and was very good especially since we were up close to the performers. The finale was “The Fiddle Man” named Tim Watson who was also quite the comedian. Hey, “sixty dollars is sixty dollars.” After returning to the hotel and the hospitality room, the bell was tolled by Pompon WW II veteran John Hoppes for shipmates who went on eternal patrol since the last reunion. It was a special honor to have John in our presence. Reverend Peters then followed by remembering the passing of our shipmates. Next on our agenda was the auction of handmade items donated by crew, family and friends. The auction was conducted similar to a 50-50. You buy a ticket for $10 and a number is drawn from the hat for the item that was picked from the table. Mary, John Hobbes daughter holds up one of Rev. Peters hand made aprons. The auction produced about $370. A deserved THANK YOU to all the donors. The final issue to be discussed was the 2016 reunion. The majority agreed that October 2016 at Virginia Beach would be the time and place for the next reunion. Sorry, Cleveland was ruled out. As usual each evening, we gathered around to eat snacks, drink our favorite beverages and tell sea stories. We thank Tony and Nancy Marquitz and several others for gathering and bringing together the drinks and snacks. There was enough food that we did not have to leave the hotel to eat. A big thank you to John and Bonnie Murphy for spearheading this year’s reunion and agreeing to head the committee for next year. By planning the reunions by committee, the responsibilities do not fall on one person. Thank you all. As a side note, we thank Donna Hicks, Don Lynch’s daughter, for funding our website: The site allows all of our crew members, families and friends to keep up with current events and activities of the Pompon.

Robert A. Day FTC(SS) died October 18, 2015

Harry Alvey died on his 91st birthday on August 16, 2015

Bobbie Lee Campbell (Gunner) died September 1, 2014.  Click on Eternal Patrol Notices in the left column to view his obituary.

Lt. Edward R. Crawfoot, US Navy, Retired, 95 passed away on March 18,2015.  Click on Eternal Patrol Notices in the left column to view his obituary.

Rick Campbell our 2014 Reunion banquet guest speaker is donating a signed copy of his new book "Empire Rising",  a sequel to "Trident Deception", for our 2015 reunion.

 Following is his bio from Amazon. com

RICK CAMPBELL, a retired Navy Commander, spent more than twenty-five years in the Navy on multiple submarine tours, finishing his career with tours with the Naval Operations staff in the Pentagon and in the Washington Navy Yard. On his last tour, he was one of the two men whose permission is required to launch the submarine's nuclear warhead-tipped missiles. Rick lives with his wife and three children in the greater Washington D.C. area.

 IMPORTANT!  If we do not have your current address or email please contact Judy Davy  (248) 689-6369 or

               Check out John Ryder's website! 


 An "Eternal Patrol Notices" page has been added to the website.  Please email obituaries to

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Click on "Reunion Information"  for 2010 reunion photo and a link to John Lookabill's photo album


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          See "Notes from you"

info about SubCon Six Smoke Boat Sisters (SSSBS)Reunion

note from Bobby Boles

requested posting from Don Lynch

Paul J. Skahan obituary 

Jack F. Renfrow died June 5, 2009

See 'Notes from you' for email from Helen Kircher

Stanley K. Nicholls LCDR died 2/29/08. See 'Notes from you' for Stanley's obituary.

Glenn Clinefelter FT2 (SS) died May 21, 2010. See 'Notes from you'  for Glenn's obituary.

See 'Notes from you' for a George Smith story


This patch serves as a physical reminder to the U.S. Submarine Command Structure that ex-submariners still care about our active duty shipmates.  The band-aid signifies that the problem is still not solved; it only has a patch on it.  It is a reminder that there is a real possibility for another disastrous submarine grounding.


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