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    USS POMPON REUNION WASHINGTON, D.C. October 16 -19, 2014

 Bright and early (9:00 AM) on Friday, we boarded a very comfortable bus. With Emilio as our tour guide and narrator, we relived his boyhood days in the big City. He provided a contrast between the “good ole days” and the situation existing today. There was freedom to move about the city approaching the White House, the Capitol and Supreme Court Buildings and other points of interest without going through security.   Not so by today’s standards. We could see these buildings from a distance but the bus was not permitted to go near them

On the other hand, we were able to visit memorials that were of more interest to all of us. For example: First on our list of stops was the World War II Memorial in the middle of the Mall with the Washington Monument in one direction and the Lincoln Memorial in the other. One cannot adequately describe this tribute to the men and women from each of the states and US possessions who served during those war years. One engraving on the wall facing the Washington Monument depicts the scene of a US submarine’s torpedo room. Other engravings included battle field scenes, aircraft on airstrips and troop landing operations. This day, an Honor Flight hosted four or five bus loads of WW II veterans and their volunteer escorts. The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny and pleasantly warm.

 Our next stop was the Korean and Vietnam Memorials. There were very many people at both of these memorials. For the Vietnam Memorial, there was an index of names of service-men and women who lost their lives during that conflict. The index gave the exact location where the name of the person was engraved on the wall.

 Our final stop for the day was the memorial dedicated to the Marines at Iwo Jima. Located next to Arlington National Cemetery. Emilio said he and other neighborhood boys were paid to knead the clay for the wire frame that would become the mold for the bronze statue created by sculptor, Felix de Weldon, an ex-marine. Felix recreated Joe Rosenthal’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo of the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima.

On Saturday, we boarded the bus again destined for the Udar-Hazy Air and Space Museum. Upon entering the museum, the high flying record breaking SR 71 Black Bird stood in front of us. In each direction from there, vintage aircraft were on the floor and suspended from the ceiling. In a separate wing was the space shuttle Discovery and other equipment connected to the space program. Another area of special interest was a very large room where airplanes were being restored to their original condition.

 After leaving the museum, our driver maneuvered the big bus through the streets of Alexandria down to the riverfront. We all disembarked and assembled in front of the USS Pompon propellor. After some photos we hurried back to the bus.

 Our evening banquet was held at the Olive Grove Restaurant and Lounge where our guest speaker was Rick Campbell, author of the novel “The Trident Deception.” He talked about the ideas of his book, the publishers, editors but never revealed how the book unfolded or ended. We adjourned to the hospitality room at the hotel where he spoke a little longer and then autographed books for those who bought them.

Who will host the next reunion? There were no volunteers and therefore, the consensus was the reunion should be managed by a committee. John Murphy agreed to head the committee with the help of his wife Bonnie. They and Diane O’Connor, Nancy Marquitz, John Lookabill and Judy Highburger and Judy Davy will work out details on who will be responsible for hotels, tours, banquet, etc. 

 All agreed that Nashville, TN should be the next location for the reunion. A date was not established but will probably be in September or October 2015.

Thanks to Don Lynch for sending 3 inch pieces of Pompon decking with a brass name plate on each piece. Also thanks to all who brought beverages, snacks and other items to make the reunion very successful.

 Lastly, THANK YOU Emilio and Carol Prencipe for hosting a super reunion.  Your tours were outstanding. The hotel you selected had a great breakfast and a very friendly and accommodating staff. 

The following ship mates attended the reunion

Emilio and Carol Prencipe

Bobby and Shirley Bristow

Jim Grady and Robin Krum

John Lookabill and Judy Highburger

John and Bonnie Murphy

Dick and Frank Welker

Bill and Judy Davy

Al Brown and Mardy Burgess

Charles (Wingnut) and Louise Hall, their daughter Kathy and son-in-law Joe

Jack and Jan Hartigan

Ronald (Ski) and Jean Kurdziolek

Anthony (Tony) and Nancy Marquitz

P.J. and Diane O'Connor 

Rev. Aaron S. Peters, OSB

James Prejsnar

John and Paige Ryder and Ann Ryder

Otis Franks and friend, Carolyn

RICK CAMPBELL, a retired Navy Commander, spent more than twenty-five years in the Navy on multiple submarine tours, finishing his career with tours with the Naval Operations staff in the Pentagon and in the Washington Navy Yard. On his last tour, he was one of the two men whose permission is required to launch the submarine's nuclear warhead-tipped missiles. Rick lives with his wife and three children in the greater Washington D.C. area, and is finishing the sequel to this novel. (from

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This patch serves as a physical reminder to the U.S. Submarine Command Structure that ex-submariners still care about our active duty shipmates.  The band-aid signifies that the problem is still not solved; it only has a patch on it.  It is a reminder that there is a real possibility for another disastrous submarine grounding.

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